About us

About us

SOLVENT SRL is a member of a leading Belgian family business with a history of  over 100 years of cereal trading and farming in Europe.

Our farms in Romania are managed by our highly experienced Dutch-Romanian team who are passionate about agriculture for the production of healthy sustainable crops.

We invest in the land and our people, with respect and integrity, ensuring reliability and trust is enshrined in all our practices.

Our defining ethos is serious, solid and secure in business and in our professional relationships.

The Land

We farm over 3,600 hectares in SW Dolj county, between the communes of Salcuta and Maglavit.

Soil husbandry is central to our business. European funding has enabled major upgrading of our irrigation system.

Our irrigation system is carefully managed and monitored, utilising state-of-the-art machinery, for the benefit of crop quality and yield.